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A direct portfolio lender for commercial and residential real estate in California and nationwide

Bridge Loans

A Modern Lending Solution

Wilshire Quinn, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a portfolio bridge lender that provides rapid and reliable funding for borrowers who cannot risk potential delays associated with traditional banks and lending institutions.

Since 2004, Wilshire Quinn Capital Inc. has been a leader in the capital markets. In 2011, the firm launched the Wilshire Quinn Income Fund LLC, a portfolio lender that originates bridge loans secured by real estate located in California and nationwide. Wilshire Quinn Capital serves as the Fund’s managing partner, actively working to provide fast funding for our borrowers and consistent returns for our investors.

Wilshire Quinn’s successful track record is closely linked to our disciplined underwriting approach. Our emphasis on in-house loan origination allows for a faster, more streamlined lending process. Wilshire Quinn has grown to become one of the premier bridge lenders in California.

Our customer base is fairly diverse; borrowers range from corporations looking for rehab financing, to individuals who are looking to purchase or refinance an investment property. Please click on the following to links to explore our lending parameters or submit a loan request.

Lending Process

At Wilshire Quinn, we control the lending process, which means fast answers and quick closings.
Whether it’s a purchase, refinance, cash-out, or renovation loan, our lending platform is transparent and fast.
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Understanding Our Borrowers

We are a direct portfolio lender; we are not a loan broker. We know that time is of the essence for borrowers who may be seeking a bridge loan or private money loan. Wilshire Quinn will work with you to fund your loan in a matter of days, not months like traditional lenders.

We have built a long and successful track record for funding loans quickly without the headache. Our systematic underwriting approach and customer-first mentality allows our borrowers to move forward on their real estate transactions with confidence.

Wilshire Quinn partners with borrowers, mortgage brokers, and traditional lenders to provide a simple funding source for commercial and non-owner occupied residential properties.

Private Money Lender California
Private Money Lender California

Broker Referral Program

We are a private money lender headquartered in San Diego, California. We typically fund loans for our clients in five to seven days. This quick turnaround stems from our ability to make immediate lending decisions and originate loans in-house, resulting in a highly efficient underwriting process.

We fund a variety of bridge loans such as: Refinance, purchase, multiple property, rehab, 1031 exchange, partnership buyout, and more. We originate bridge loans ranging from $200,000 – $20,000,000.  Wilshire Quin works with commercial and residential buyers nationwide. Brokers feel confident knowing they will close more loans faster when they work with Wilshire Quinn.

Broker Referral

Our Customers: In Their Words

Private Money Lender providing bridge loans nationwide.

Travis H., Broker
Travis H., BrokerSan Diego, CA
I’m not one to typically write reviews but I was so impressed with Wilshire Quinn Capital’s service I felt it needed to be shared. I’m a mortgage broker and I recently referred a client to Wilshire Quinn who didn’t qualify for any of our programs and needed to fund quickly on a house… It was nice to be able to refer a hard money lender that did what he said he was going to do. I highly recommend Wilshire Quinn for any hard money lending.
Andrew S., Borrower
Andrew S., BorrowerSan Diego, CA
Wilshire Quinn helped me purchase a residential investment property located in San Diego. The bidding process was very competitive as I was up against dozens of buyers. By obtaining a pre-approval letter from Wilshire Quinn I was able to present an all-cash offer to the seller and won the offer. Wilshire Quinn was able to fund the deal in under 2 weeks. I would gladly do business with them again.
Jordan S., Borrower
Jordan S., BorrowerSan Diego, CA
The Wilshire Quinn team assisted my purchase of a retail center. In this scenario the seller was unwilling to extend the close of escrow date and we needed to fund the deal in under two weeks. Dan proved himself to be a very capable deal quarterback as he seamlessly worked with myself, the buyer and sellers real estate agents, title, escrow, insurance, and all of the existing tenants to close this deal in time. His professionalism and attention to detail were essential in closing this transaction on time. I highly recommend the Wilshire Quinn team for all of your hard money loan needs.

What We Fund


  • Office

  • Mixed-use

  • Industrial

  • Retail

  • Special use: car wash,

    mobile home park,

    parking lot,

    gas station


  • Single Family Residence (non-owner-occupied)

  • Condominium / Apartment

  • Duplex, Triplex, Quadraplex

Rehab / Fix & Flip

  • Complete Rehab

  • Remodel

  • Buy and Hold

Where We Lend

Wilshire Quinn is a nationwide private money lender with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
We finance bridge loans from coast to coast for commercial and residential real estate.

San Diego

Wilshire Quinn, an established San Diego hard money lender, is headquartered in downtown San Diego, where we have helped borrowers and brokers secure reliable financing solutions for a wide variety of real estate transactions. From multifamily to industrial properties, there is no shortage of investment opportunities in this city’s booming coastal market.

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Los Angeles

Wilshire Quinn began in the L.A. area and opened its first office on Wilshire Boulevard in 2004. Since our inception, we have cultivated numerous relationships with a wide array of local business professionals and earned a reputation as a trusted lender across the county. We have a long history as a Los Angeles hard money lender and continue to finance bridge loans in the area.

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San Francisco

Our Northern California office resides in San Francisco, the fourth-most populous city in the state and 13th-most populous in the nation. We continue to be a reliable San Francisco hard money lender and source of financing for investments in neighboring Silicon Valley and throughout the Bay Area.

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While our main offices span the California coast, Wilshire Quinn finances real estate investments nationwide. We typically fund loans in metropolitan areas, with amounts ranging from $200,000 to $20 million. If you are looking to finance a residential or commercial real estate investment quickly, fill out a loan application. We typically fund bridge loans within five to seven days.

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Over $300 Million in Loans Funded

Hard Money Lenders nationwide
Sacramento, CA

Loan Amount: $950,000
Loan Type: Cash-Out Refinance
Property Type: Multi-Family
Loan-To-Value: 60%
Term: 12 Months

Hard Money Loans
San Diego, CA

Loan Amount: $3,625,000
Loan Type:  Rehab
Property Type: Assisted Living Facility
Loan-To-Value: 60%
Term: 12 Months

Hard Money Loans
Berkeley, CA

Loan Amount: $925,000
Loan Type:  Refinance
Property Type: Single Family Residence
Loan-To-Value: 51%
Term: 12 Months

Hard Money Lenders nationwide
West Hollywood, CA

Loan Amount: $2,200,000
Loan Type:  Rehab
Property Type: Commercial Retail
Loan-To-Value: 47%
Term: 24 Months

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Financing private money loans from $200,000 – $20,000,000.
Commercial and residential real estate

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