San Diego Single Family Refinance $765,000

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SAN DIEGO, CA – Wilshire Quinn Capital announced Friday that its private mortgage fund, the Wilshire Quinn Income Fund, has provided a $765,000 First Trust Deed loan in San Diego, California. The loan allowed the borrower to pull cash out for business purpose. Located in the Del Cerro area of San Diego, the single family […]

Los Angeles ranks as most attractive commercial real estate market

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Los Angeles commercial real estate ranked #1 in America according to CBRE

Los Angeles commercial real estateAccording to a 2018 CBRE report*  Los Angeles ranked as the most attractive commercial real estate (CRE) market for […]

Why Speed Matters in Private Money Lending

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Obtaining a pre-approval letter from a Private Money Lending institution is a great way to separate your offer from the competition. Private Money Lending institutions typically fund loans in days as opposed to weeks or months compared to traditional lenders.