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Wilshire Quinn is a Marina Del Rey hard money lender, financing real estate investments up to $10 million. We work fast, turning loans around much quicker than traditional lending institutions, because we know time is critical for borrowers looking to invest in Marina Del Rey’s competitive market.

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  • A nationwide direct Lender, not a broker
  • Pre-approval in 24 hours
  • Typical funding in five to seven days
  • Loan amounts up to $10 million

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    Lending Parameters

    CLOSING TIME Typically 5 to 7 days
    LOAN SIZE $200,000 to $10,000,000
    LTV Up to 60% LTV and 60% of ARV for rehab loans, not to exceed 90% of the purchase price
    LIEN POSITION First Trust Deeds Only
    LOAN TERM 3 to 24 months
    INTEREST RATES 8.5% to 12%
    AMORTIZATION Interest-only payments
    ORIGINATION FEES 1-5 points based on location and property, LTV, credit worthiness of the borrower, loan amount and term
    LENDING AREAS Nationwide, in metropolitan and coastal areas

    Property Types

    • Multifamily

    • Single-Family Investment Properties

    • Condominiums
    • Retail Centers

    • Office Buildings

    • Industrial & Warehouse

    • Hotels & Motels

    • Healthcare & Assisted Living Facilities

    • Special Purpose & Mixed Use

    • Parking Garages & Lots

    • Gas Stations

    • Land

    Our Lending Program:

    • Closing Time: Typically 5 to 7 days

    • Loan Size: $200,000 to $10,000,000

    • LTV: Up to 60% and 60% of ARV for rehab loans, not to exceed 90% of the purchase price
    • Lien Position: First Trust Deeds

    • Loan Term: 3 to 24 months

    • Interest Rate: 8.5% to 12%

    • Amortization: Interest-only payments

    What is a Hard Money Loan?

    A hard money loan is a short-term loan also known as a bridge loan, that is used until a person or company either secures permanent financing or removes the obligation through the sale of the property. Hard money loans generally have higher interest rates than conventional or bank loans, and are written for shorter periods of time. Typical hard money loans or bridge loans are 12 to 18 months in length. Wilshire Quinn loans do not exceed 60% of the appraised value of the property securing the loan.

    Who Typically Uses a Hard Money Loan

    • Business owners looking to pull cash out of existing properties
    • People who want to close quickly
    • Borrowers who have multiple properties looking to cross collateralize
    • Investors looking to purchase rental properties
    • Investors who buy, repair, and immediately resell their property (Flippers)
    • Borrowers who cannot refinance with a traditional bank
    • Builders and more…

    Here’s What Our Borrowers Are Saying

    A Proven Marina Del Rey Hard Money Lender, Lending Nationwide

    Very fast to green light or turndown deal. Very responsive post acceptance of terms. Likes to move fast.
    David Blitz
    David Blitz
    I recently closed the financing of a building in Los Angeles with Wilshire 7 days!!! Mat and Jeremy and the team of professionals there were great to work with.You folks will always be my first call for future business...Thanks!!
    pat murphy
    pat murphy
    The Company is always accommodating and professional. Excellent staff! Very helpful! I would highly recommend this Loan Company to anyone who needs a Title Loan.
    Laura Yoon
    Laura Yoon
    Awesome job! Communication with all the team members were amazing. Kind, professional, respectful, and supportive. Fast and smooth process to closing. Amazing. I can’t wait to work with you guys on another deal!
    Mike Kim
    Mike Kim
    Great working with Matthew and Jeremy, they made the process easy and closed quickly!
    Dane Brasslett
    Dane Brasslett
    Working with Wilshire Quinn was an absolute pleasure from to start to finish. Working as a broker for a client with a vacant building Matt, Chris, and Jeremy were quick to answer all questions, clear in the items they needed and were able to work with us to see a successful completion of the deal. I can’t sing their praises highly enough for the ease at which everything went on what was a tricky deal, and I’m very much looking forward to working with them again in the future. If you’re hesitant for any reason, don’t worry. Wilshire Quinn is a top-notch group filled professional, courteous, and great people.
    Justin Ashcraft
    Justin Ashcraft
    Everything was very smooth. Communication was prompt and clear! The only concern was I felt the appraisals were clearly below FMV. Otherwise, I highly recommend Wilshire Quinn
    Michael Copley
    Michael Copley
    It was a pleasure working with the Wilshire Quinn Capital team. The loan process was easy and smooth from start to finish. Clear communication and more importantly, they executed exactly how they set the initial expectation. Wonderful job all the way around.
    Chris Garcia and Emily Mesetz were great to work with. They were always quick to respond and had excellent follow-up.
    Andrea King
    Andrea King
    Refi for a hotel in a global pandemic, was a unique challenge, Matt and the team at Wiltshire Quinn Capital stepped up. The story of the continues.
    Chris Chiari
    Chris Chiari
    I could not be happier with the professionalism and efficiency of Matthew Mielke at Wilshire Quinn Capital. He helped get a unique deal to the finish line. There was clarity and consistency from start to finish.
    Trey Sublette
    Trey Sublette
    Matt and Jeremy at Wilshire got the deal done when others turned my client down. Professional, quick and offered great terms for my client. I highly recommend running your next deal by them.
    Mathieu Pollenz
    Mathieu Pollenz
    Wilshire Quinn came through when other lenders couldn't. They were extremely responsive and turned everything around very quickly. Loan terms were very reasonable for a short-term bridge loan.
    David Marcin
    David Marcin
    i love the way the speed of closing went
    elliot moore
    elliot moore
    I love this company! They are fast, easy, but most off all, they fund when they produce a Letter of Intent. Thank you "team close quick'!
    Timothy Thomas
    Timothy Thomas
    My experience of dealing with Wilshire Quinn Capital has been nothing short of excellent service and top notch talent . My loan was funded on time
    Frank Meram
    Frank Meram
    It was great working with Wilshire Quinn Capital in San Diego. Their team is professional and hardworking. I had a a wonderful experience working with them and would work with them in the future!
    Kate Swann
    Kate Swann
    Wilshire Quinn was great to work with, from start to finish everything was seamless! Would highly recommend.
    Donald Kaminski
    Donald Kaminski
    We had an excellent time communicating with the principals at Wilshire Quinn and performed as we wished and exceeded all expectations. Chris and his team were professional from the start and we will look forward to doing business with them again.
    James E. Levin
    James E. Levin
    Had a client who's successful business was impacted by such, income had been negatively affected, and our normal A-paper borrower was in a pinch to qualify for property purchase.Wilshire Quinn came to the rescue, and helped us close the loan on time and with minimal hassle.Our rep Matt was very helpful; answered and/all questions without hesitation, and never made us feel stupid for asking and clarifying things we didn't understand, or that needed more information.Wilshire Quinn helped us out and I would be happy to recommend their services to a friend in need of hard-money and limited other options.
    Jon Engelhardt
    Jon Engelhardt
    Very easy to work with as a mortgage broker. Protects their clients.
    Luke R. Johnson
    Luke R. Johnson
    Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc. is definitely great at their follow-up. Always pro-active trying to get deals done!
    Alicia Gandy
    Alicia Gandy
    I was very happy with Wilshire Quinn Capital. The company was a great hard money lender. Communication was clear, responsiveness was quick and the process was very straightforward. They funded my loan quickly and I truly appreciate it.
    Elena Vizvary
    Elena Vizvary
    Wilshire Quinn is a great hard money lender that funded our loan quickly. Very reliable and delivered 100%
    Bill Janis
    Bill Janis
    Wilshire Quinn has been a lending agency I, We, have utilized for the past 5+ years. The integrity of the entire company is professional, and the process of each phase of the lending is complementary to all parties involved. I highly recommend their services; small or in large lending capacity.
    HBGS Treasurer
    HBGS Treasurer
    It was a pleasure to work with Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc. They are highly professional, knowledgeable, responsive and quick to return calls. I was most impressed with the turnaround and how quickly and conveniently the escrow check was disbursed. This is my second time working with Wilshire Quinn on mortgage financing and have never been disappointed. I will recommend Wilshire Quinn to every person I know who is in need of financing.
    Wilshire Quinn Capital funded my unique loan in a timely manner and with the upmost of professionalism. Their experience helped guide me through the process.
    Nelson Genteel
    Nelson Genteel
    Have been a Broker in CA since 1980 and have enjoyed working with Chris and his staff for many years,
    Louis Steinberg
    Louis Steinberg
    Wilshire Quinn gave me a competitive quote and followed up with a quick, hassle-free escrow and closing. I am happy with their service and would recommend them to friends and business associates.
    Ron Gerber
    Ron Gerber
    Great hard money lender.
    Patrick Wight
    Patrick Wight
    The Wilshire Quinn team did an excellent job in a short time frame. I feel their rates and ‘products’ are competitive. Where I feel they distance themselves from the competitors is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Every project has challenges and they are dedicated to working with their clients to ensure satisfaction, which is not commonplace in the market these days.
    242 Baldwin
    242 Baldwin

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    Marina Del Rey hard money lender - Real Estate InvestmentsMarina Del Rey hard money lender - rent statisticsSanta Barbara hard money lender - wine country mapMarina Del Rey Hard Money Lender - commercial building

    Marina Del Rey Hard Money Lender – financing your residential and commercial real estate investments

    Marina Del Rey offers a view of Marina del Rey’s dominant feature, the Marina, the world’s largest man-made small craft harbor with eight basins having a capacity for 5,300 boats and is home port to approximately 6,500 boats. The harbor, the Los Angeles Times said in 1997, is “perhaps the county’s most valuable resource”.

    According to Trulia, the median home price in Marina Del Rey increased by $207,750 (21%) over the last year. The average price of a home in the United States, on the other hand, is just over $200,000. The Marina Del Rey real estate market is considered a luxury market, and although it is not as high as the Bay Area market, it is still well above most of America. Home prices in Marina Del Rey over the past few years have consistently risen making it worth consideration when looking at buying an investment property.

    Looking to buy an investment property to rent out? Here’s why you should consider working with a Marina Del Rey hard money lender

    The cost of living in Marina Del Rey has continued to increase over the past 10 years making home ownership difficult for people. Many Americans desire the single-family home lifestyle but just cannot afford to buy into it. Also, Millenials are delaying getting married and have massive school debt, and are not buying real estate. The number of Americans renting is incredibly high, leaving a great investment opportunity in rental income properties.

    • the majority of Californians rent rather than owning, making purchasing an investment rental property a good business
    • Apartments with 1-2 bedrooms are the easiest to rent
    • The average family size in Marina Del Rey is 1.72
    • The average rent in Marina Del Rey is $3,159
    • The average rent for a 2 bedroom in Marina Del Rey is $3,589
    • The average rent for a 3 bedroom in Marina Del Rey is $5,042

    Rental properties have recently created a stable vehicle for investing money and creating wealth. As many look to purchase an investment rental property, some look for a Marina Del Rey hard money lender to finance their real estate purchase. Unlike traditional lenders, private money lending institutions focus more upon on the equity in a property relative to the borrower’s credit score. The underwriting and funding process can take place in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. Wilshire Quinn continues to fund hard money loans in Marina Del Rey and across the nation.

    Asset Based Lending

    Asset based lending means we base our loan amounts on the value of real estate, such as an investment property, multifamily building, or commercial building, rather than strictly on your credit score and debt to income levels. Wilshire Quinn takes pride in our common sense equity based lending. Wilshire Quinn is a Marina Del Rey hard money lender, with experience lending nationwide. As an experienced hard money lender we can handle even the most complicated of lending scenarios and care more about the real estate that you are purchasing or refinancing than inflexible bank requirements.

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    FAQ’s – Hard Money Loans

    A hard money loan is a real estate-backed loan where a borrower receives funds secured by equity in their property (or properties). Hard money lenders like Wilshire Quinn are mainly focused on the equity in the property as opposed to borrower credit and financials. Hard money loans are typically short-term ranging from six months up to two years.

    Hard money lenders like Wilshire Quinn primarily focus on a property’s equity to secure the loan. The borrower’s credit is considered, but is not a primary determinant in the underwriting process.

    After receiving a signed term sheet, Wilshire Quinn typically funds a loan in five to seven business days.

    Wilshire Quinn will consider a wide variety of property types including: office, retail centers, industrial, hotels, parking lots/structures, condo inventory, multifamily properties, non-owner-occupied single-family homes, vacation homes and rentals, primer loans and bridge loans.

    We will consider a wide variety of loan types including: purchase, refinance, cash-out refinance, partnership buyouts, rehabs, 1031 exchanges and value-added acquisitions.

    You can either complete our online loan application, email or call us. We would prefer to talk through your loan scenario directly, as we can determine in a matter of minutes, once we have a few simple questions answered, if we have interest.

    Our interest rates typically range from 9% to 12%, interest-only. Lender origination points typically range from 1% to 5% of the loan amount. The borrower pays for standard closing costs (title, escrow, legal).

    Most of our portfolio is in California but we do have the ability to lend nationwide. We strongly prefer to lend in major-metropolitan areas.

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