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Understanding Bridge Loan Financing

Are you a prospective real estate investor looking to close quickly on an investment property? Or a business owner with equity tied up in a property? When cash flow is unpredictable, one solution might be utilizing bridge loan financing. One of the advantages of bridge loans are the customization abilities based on your specific needs. Bridge loan lenders work with you to fill your cash shortages.

What is Bridge Loan Financing?

Bridge loan financing is an interim financing option. Individuals or companies use bridge loans until long-term financing is secured with a traditional lender or the obligation is removed through the sale of the property. Although they generally have higher interest rates than conventional loans, they offer greater flexibility and quick turnaround times.

Bridge loans are suitable on a wide variety of property types including: retail centers, multi-family properties, non-owner-occupied residential, industrial, and more.

Understanding Bridge Loan Financing

Loans are made or arranged by Wilshire Quinn Income Fund, LLC (the “Fund”) pursuant to California Finance Lenders Law license #603J060. The information contained in this message is for informational purposes only and is meant to provide general background information on the Fund and its manager, Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc. (the “Manager”). Any and all information herein is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed.

Understanding Bridge Loan Financing

Examples of Bridge Loan Financing?

Let’s say that you want to move your company to a location with more foot traffic. You have found a new property in a prime location, but if you wait for funds from the sale of your existing property, you know your dream property will be long gone. By utilizing bridge loan financing, you can pull out existing equity for a down payment on a new property. Once your existing property sells, those funds can be used to remove the obligation of your bridge loan.

Another way to utilize bridge loan financing is when you need to defer a balloon payment. If you are a real estate investor and not prepared to make the balloon payment with your current lender, you may be putting your financial health and cash flow at risk. Instead of risking default, you can use a bridge loan to provide a quick cash infusion while you work out permanent financing.

Finding the Right Bridge Loan Lender

Each bridge loan lender has processes and terms that they abide by. You want to pick a lender who can meet the requirements of the loan specific to your needs. It’s also important they have extensive experience and an excellent reputation.

At Wilshire Quinn Capital, our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the entire process. Being in our 12th year allows us to ensure no unexpected surprises. So, whether you need a quick infusion of cash to bridge you from point A to point B or extra funds for expansion, we have you covered. Reach out to a team member today to discuss your loan scenario.

  • Funding typically in 5-7 business days
  • Loan Amounts from $200,000 to $20,000,000

  • Interest Rates from 7.5% to 11%

  • Loan Term: 3 – 24 months

  • Commercial & Residential (non-owner occupied) Real Estate

  • Purchase, Refinance, Cash-out Refinance, Rehab, Blanket Loans
  • Foreign National Loans Available


About Wilshire Quinn

Wilshire Quinn is a San Diego hard money lender focused on short term bridge loans, secured by first trust deeds. The company is based in San Diego, CA with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Wilshire Quinn typically funds loans for their customers in 5-7 days. Their successful track record is closely linked to their ability to make immediate lending decisions based on their highly disciplined underwriting approach. The company funds a variety of loans such as: refinance, purchase, blanket, rehab loans, 1031 exchange, partnership buyouts, and more. They originate hard money loans ranging from $200,000 – $20,000,000. Wilshire Quinn works with commercial and residential buyers nationwide.

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